Renault Super Couple Contest 2k22- Winners

Greeting from RENAULT MANGALORE !!!     
Thank you to each and every beautiful couple who entered our “Super Couple Photo Contest” and who stayed tuned to the website for the results to be announced. We are very happy with the sheer number of participants and their enthusiasm for our online contest. 
As we had around more than 200 contestants it was a very difficult task to select the winners and hence there was a delay in publishing the results. We apologize for the delay. All the photos uploaded were fantastic and you all made this competition more interesting. Hope you all enjoyed participating in the event as much as we enjoyed having you here.  
Each and every photo uploaded were beautiful and it showed the love and bond between couples. As you all know a competition should have winners and we had to select a few on the basis of set criteria. There is a saying  “Competition makes you better, always, always makes you better. Even if the competitor wins”. So please don’t be disheartened if you have not won. There is always another chance. We have many more contests in hand which we will publish on the same page and you all are always welcome to take part in the contest. 
The results of winners which will be announced today will be on the basis of two categories, one is “Public Choice” with highest likes and another is “Renault Choice”. 
We will be announcing the winner’s name online. We will instruct you on how to collect the prizes. Every participant will be given a certificate in recognition of participation.   
We at RENAULT MANGALORE once again want to thank each and everyone for taking part in the contest and hope to see you in future events and completions.
Wishing you all lots of luck…